Do Women See You As Serious Relationship Material Or Just A Fling?

We spend so much time and energy thinking about the kind of woman we’d like to hook up with, date, form a long-lasting relationship, and maybe even marry, that we rarely take the time to look at our own selves. The way the ladies see us might explain the kind of girls we attract too. So, are we seen as dateable, relationship material or just a casual fling type of guy?

Do women see you as relationship material?
The way women see you determines the kind of girls you attract.

Do The Girls Think You’re Relationship Material?

Nowadays, girls have developed a good eye for distinguishing the kind of guy who is ready to enter a serious relationship from one who is just after a one-night stand. Not sure you are giving out the right vibes? Check this out.

Having Strong Bonds With Friends And Family

A guy who is seen as mature is one who can keep up serious bonds with his friends and his family. That’s because maintaining serious friendly relationships requires a certain level of commitment, as well as being dependable and trustworthy – all of which are skills and characteristics that are seen as vital for romantic relationships too.

Having A Structured Everyday Routine

Living in a way that has some structure is not necessarily a sign that you’re a boring kind of guy. Being able to be on time for appointments, being punctual at work and showing up where you’re supposed to (even if that’s your weekly booze night with mates down at the bar) show that you are a reliable type of person who doesn’t mind a bit of routine. Routine, as we all know, is also a necessary part of a serious relationship.

Having A Clear View Of Your Flaws And Being Willing To Work On Them

Self-awareness is key for a guy who is relationship material. We all change when we enter a relationship, and we should be open to being reminded of our own deficiencies.

What is more, we should not be averse to making changes. Changes are part of growing up, and a guy who is hesitant to change is one who is clearly not ready for a more serious commitment.

Showing Genuine Interest And Empathy

Women appreciate empathy as one of the greatest signs that a man is dateable. Being able to show enough interest and compassion for your partner are desirable traits; signs that you are seriously looking to form a deep kind of bond, not just a passing fling.

A woman can often tell from the first date when you are not boyfriend material because you won’t be interested in engaging in serious conversation, you will only joke and stick to superficial topics of conversation.


Being emotionally engaged takes effort and sincere interest, and women can tell when you’re faking these behaviors, so the best thing to do if you don’t recognize the traits of a guy who’s relationship material in yourself is to honestly assess whether the thing you want is the thing you need.