What To Do When You’re On A Relationship Autopilot

When you’re on a relationship autopilot, it means that you’re simply going through the motions of daily life as well as your relationship. It’s basically means not thinking about what you’re doing and just doing it automatically. It’s the same when you are on a flight and the pilot turns on the autopilot feature. The pilot doesn’t need to fly the plane anymore because the plane is flying itself.

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Why It’s Bad To Be On Relationship Autopilot

Basically, you’re not really doing anything purposefully. This usually causes couples to neglect the relationship. Because you’re so used to your routine, any diversion from it seems as discomfort. So, if you don’t go out on dates often, you could see going out of the house as a chore rather than a chance to spend quality time. The same goes when you’re not talking much in your relationship.

How To Switch Off The Relationship Autopilot

When couples get so used to each other’s company, switching the relationship to autopilot usually happens. This is no way to go through your relationship because it is damaging. The worst part of it is that your relationship is deteriorating without you knowing it. Here are a few ways to switch your autopilot off:

1. Be More Aware Of Your Partner’s Presence

Whenever you and your partner are in the same room, make it a point to notice him or her. Look at your partner and then say something nice. That should get you started. Make this into a habit.

2. Do Something Together Every Day

Noticing your partner’s presence is just the first part. The next way for you to switch off your relationship autopilot is to do something together every day. Think of it as an exercise.

3. Do Something Spontaneous

One of the best ways to switch your autopilot off is to divert from your usual pattern. If you always fix breakfast every day, try eating out for a change. Haven’t been on vacation lately? Try a mini road trip.

There are plenty of things you can do so your relationship doesn’t feel like a scene from a zombie movie. The key to changing everything is to act with purpose and to be more mindful. For more relationship tips, check out the rest of our blog.