Simple Tips for Online Dating Success

Online Dating SuccessHow long has it been since you first started online dating? Or maybe the better question is, how many dates have you gotten or how many connections have you made since you first started with online dating? Really think about it and come up with an honest answer. If you refuse to even think about the time when you first signed up to the online dating site you’re on now, chances are you’re not getting anywhere near online dating success.

Don’t worry because you’re absolutely not alone in this. The problem is, you’ve overcomplicated things and it’s, generally, the same problem with the rest of the people who are going through the same thing as you, right now.

Do away with what you know about dating online and let’s make things simple. In order for you to achieve online dating success all you have to do is follow these simple tips:

Your Profile Matters

The 5 selfies that you have, plus the 3 sentences, on your dating profile right now are not enough (the selfies may even be weighing you down). Here’s a good tip: Let someone else take a look at your online dating profile and let them give you feedback.

Take time to write interesting things about your life but don’t blow it up too much. Make sure that you include:

  • A brief description of yourself
  • Your hobbies
  • Your likes and dislikes

Sounds pretty basic but, as you’ve demonstrated with the 3 sentences you’ve come up with, it’s not a walk in the park. Make your words sound like you’re introducing yourself to someone you just met at a bar. Make it conversational and upbeat.

As for the pictures, there are 3 things that you need to remember:

  • Use a profile picture of yourself donning a nice smile.
  • Upload pictures where you’re doing an interesting activity – climbing Mt. Everest, swimming with sharks, riding an elephant and so on.
  • If you haven’t had picture-worthy adventures yet, post a social photo of you engaged in something that you’re interested in – basketball, football, etc.

Don’t Forget Your Behavior and Personality

Both behavior and personality will either make or break you. Remember that there’s a big difference between the two: behavior is how you conduct yourself towards others and personality is the combination of distinctive qualities in your character.

Watch your behavior when you read or experience something that’s not agreeable to you. For example, if you sent several messages to someone but didn’t get a reply.

Your personality, on the other hand, should shine through. If you’re a fun guy, make sure that this comes across in your message or dating profile. If you’re the adventurous type you can say that you like travelling or trying new things. No matter what it is, the idea is that your personality should be translated in the messages your send.

Be Ready for the First Date

As long as you follow the first two tips, it’s highly likely that you’re going to get your first YES very soon. When you do, you need to be ready for the first date. The best tip we can give is to be yourself, try to be comfortable and change your mindset and treat the date as if it were your n-th time together.

Just Remember

Just remember, don’t over-complicate things. Just roll with the punches and you’ll come out with your own online dating success story. Don’t be impatient either, online dating success takes time and effort and that’s exactly what you should be putting in.