Lines That Can Destroy Your First Date

A first date is either a fantastic opportunity to make an amazing impression and lay the foundations for something beautiful, or a scary, disastrous affair. It is very much up to you to decide which of the two you want it to be. Even though you might feel awkward silences intimidating, sometimes they are preferable to saying the wrong thing and destroying your date.

Avoid these lines on your first date if you don't want to put her off.
Avoid these lines if you want your first date to be a success.

Stay Away From These Lines On A First Date

Regardless of how much you want to find out everything about her or feel eager to share a little too much about yourself, you need to steer clear of these lines on your date.

“How many relationships have you had in your life?”

You may be curious, but this is the kind of conversation you may (or may not) have much later in your relationship. It is one of the most personal questions to ask a lady, and thus it is best avoided on a first (second and third) date.

“I still live with my parents so that I can save more.”

As a rule, women want to feel secure and protected. They are looking for a man who is independent and able to fend for himself. If you are currently having financial troubles, of course, you can discuss it further and tell her that you are not happy with your current situation and what your plan to get out of it is.

“My job is my number one priority.”

Let’s face it; nobody likes to feel that they are taking the backseat in another person’s life. Likewise, women detest being told they are not the protagonists in their partner’s life.  Even if you feel like you need to focus on your career, there is no reason to bring it up on your first date.

“I don’t see myself ever settling down.”

Even though it is a first date we are talking about, if the chemistry is good she will probably be envisaging your life together already. Making such a statement will most probably put her off because it feels like a passive-aggressive warning about not ever being willing to commit.

“I get bored easily.”

This is actually one of the most dangerous lines to utter. Why? Because it seems like a good idea in theory, as you believe in your mind that it makes you seem adventurous and mysterious, but it’s not. In reality, this line will only fill her with insecurity and fear, neither of which are desirable feelings to experience on a first date.

All in all, avoid these lines like the plague and keep the mood positive and upbeat. Don’t try to learn too much too soon and don’t make statements you might regret.

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