Signs Your Fight’s Going To End Your Relationship

It’s normal for couples to have fights, but when fights happen too often, or if they become too intense, it leads the people in the relationship to think twice about being together. No one wants to be in a relationship that’s always filled with drama and turmoil. But, how do you differentiate between a fight that’s “normal” and a fight that can potentially end your relationship?

Signs Your Fight's Going To End Your Relationship | AnastasiaDate
How can you tell if a fight’s going to end your relationship?

How To Tell If A Fight Will End Your Relationship

According to NYC psychologist and relationship expert Dr Niloo Dardashti, fighting in a relationship can be healthy as long as the couple communicates effectively afterwards. The two people in the relationship also need to feel that they have been heard and that whatever they said was understood and taken to heart. On the other hand, any fight can end your relationship when the following signs are present:

Repeating Issues

If you and your partner always fight about the same thing over and over again, one of you might decide to end the relationship because of the unhealthy pattern. It’s possible that one person will just say “I am fed up” and leave. You have to admit that fighting about the same thing can be frustrating, and it’s a sign that the offender might not ever change.

Verbal Abuse And Violence

Verbal abuse and violence are big red flags. These are both signs that a relationship has already gone sour. If you reach the point where there are verbal abuse and violence every time you fight, you need to accept that your relationship is already toxic. It’s a necessity for you and your partner to take a break from each other.

There’s No Desire To Make It Work

The last sign that you should watch out for is your partner’s lack of interest in mending the broken connection after a fight. It’s a sign that he or she has already given up. When you spot this sign, it would be best for you to talk to your partner. He or she might not want to be in a relationship anymore, but is staying in it not to hurt you.

When you and your partner are always fighting, and you don’t really talk about things to resolve them, it’s time to seek a professional’s help. Be honest when assessing your relationship so you can preserve it for as long as you and your partner can. For more relationship tips, make sure to check out more posts on our blog.