This Is How You Easily Sabotage A Relationship

Let us begin by saying that there are no perfect online relationships or any relationships for that matter. Most times, when we get bored or disappointed with our online partner, we often peek at what’s outside of our relationship bubble. We see other people’s lives, other people’s partners and how other people’s relationships are better than ours and that alone is enough to sabotage a relationship.

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Doing this could lead to a more intense feeling of dissatisfaction. It’s highly likely that we will, then, go “window shopping” for an online partner who’s better in every way. Most of the time, people who do this think that it is OK because you’re not really “buying”, you’re just browsing or “window shopping.”

You Will Sabotage A Relationship If You Do This

Looking for single men or women while you’re in a relationship may not seem too harmful for you. Your partner may get jealous, but, ultimately, you’re not cheating on him or her with other people. But, here are a few reasons why doing this could be damaging your current relationship:

Becoming A Measuring Stick

When we look at people’s dating profiles, we may see them as amazing. But, dating profiles always show a person in the best light. They’re supposed to seem incredible to us who are reading the profile. The bad thing about this is we use the “perfect” description on the dating profile as a measuring stick that our current online partner might not measure up to.

We Don’t Invest Our 100% Into The Relationship

Dan Ariely, a Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University, makes use of the analogy of renting an apartment with a day-to-day lease in one of his talks.

When a person has not decided on staying in the apartment for a long time, he or she will not make an effort to make the apartment beautiful. What’s going to happen is the apartment will just get old and become damaged – similar to relationships you do not invest in.

Stop Your Window Shopping For A Partner

The main lesson that we can all learn from this is that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a perfect relationship or partner. But, instead of “window shopping” why not work on the relationship you have now? You’ll get better results, and you’ll be with someone who is also as invested in the relationship as you, and who doesn’t have the need to sabotage a relationship. For more online dating tips, check out other posts on our blog.