Traits Eastern European Women Look For In A Partner

Even though women have undoubtedly come a long way over the past decades, there are still some traditional characteristics that they like their husband-to-be to possess. Everyone thinks they make good boyfriends, but it takes more to make a man “husband material” in the eyes of Eastern European women.

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The Characteristics Eastern European Women Appreciate

Read about the most common traits Eastern European women like their other half to have. They are an interesting combination of things.

  1. Emotional intelligence. Eastern European Women like a man who can understand their emotional world and knows how to handle not only his emotions but theirs too. A husband is for life, so they want someone with whom they can share both their happy times and the dark moments in life.
  2. Good manners. It is all in the simple things. Opening the car door for her to come out, maintaining the perfect table manners and impressing her friends and family with their politeness are very important things for a man to show a lady he is an ideal companion for life.
  3. Loyalty. Above all else, women like to have the undivided attention of their man. So, for an Eastern European girl it is of vital importance that a guy makes her feel secure in the knowledge he will never stray. Some women may be attracted to bad boys and “players”, but they are the guys they wouldn’t ever marry.
  1. Financial Stability. As much as emotional security may be vital, ladies will appreciate if they can count on a man who’s able to provide them with a good quality of life. This does not mean they will not look at someone who doesn’t have a huge house and expensive cars. It is not the riches they are after, it is the safety that’s necessary to build a household.
  2. Honesty. The cornerstone of any healthy relationship is honesty. Eastern European women absolutely hate lies and deceit, so if you are after the heart of one, make sure you never lie to them or pretend to be something you really aren’t.

Despite the fact that these are some very popular traits Eastern European women look for in a future husband, it goes without saying that each person is different. Meet your chosen Eastern European lady and have fun discovering each other’s favorite traits and characteristics. Also, read more of our blog for more dating advice and tips.