These Are The Signs Of A Friendship Turning Into A Romance

There has been a lot of talk about the possibility (or lack thereof)  that a man and a woman can remain just friends. Some say it’s absolutely feasible, while others could never see a person of the opposite gender as merely a friend. But what happens when a relationship that started off as a friendship turns into something more? How can you be sure of a friendship turning into a romance?

Look out for the signs of a friendship turning into a romance.
Could you be more than friends?

Is Your Friendship Turning Into A Romance?

If you are still unsure of your own feelings, or if you’re not certain that the feelings are mutual, look out for the following signs.

Sign #1: You are both single. If you are sharing a friendship that’s lasted for some time, you may have met her ex-boyfriends/ husband or you may have even tried to set each other up with someone else, so the prospect of you ending up together might seem a little crazy. But then, if you’ve both remained single and kind of feel like you hate the idea of her finding a partner, while she seems bothered with any mention of another woman, it could well be that you’re meant to be together.

Sign #2: There’s a change in how she acts around you. Have you noticed a change, even a subtle one, in her behavior around you? Does she tend to giggle more, be a little more secretive and a lot less inclined to talk about other people? Does she direct the conversation more on herself and you and how much of a good time you have together, or even making plans for fun things you can do (like holidays/ a trip abroad/ a weekend escape) that will bond you even further?

Sign #3: Body Language. Possibly the most unmistakable sign of a friendship turning into a romance is your (and her) body language. Do you turn your whole body towards each other, do you stare into each other’s eyes with that lustful look, do you seek to touch in the most subtle ways possible? When you sit, for example, do your knees touch? If the chemistry between you has changed from a platonic to a more sexual one, you will notice by the way your bodies seek contact.

If you are feeling the famous “butterflies” in your stomach around her, and you suspect she may be experiencing the same feelings around you, waste no time. By accepting that your friendship is turning into a romance you are not losing a friend; you are winning a partner that knows – and still loves – your darker sides, and the possibility of a strong relationship.