The Two Words To Avoid For A Better Dating Profile

Everyone wants to make the perfect dating profile, that’s why most of us spend a substantial amount of time posing for that perfect profile-pic-selfie or thinking about the ways to express our best characteristics and conceal the parts of ourselves we’re not exactly proud of. Which is why you may want to learn that new research has brought to light two words that you need to avoid if you want a better dating profile.

Avoid these words for a better dating profile.
Can two simple words be a real turnoff?

A Better Dating Profile Will Not Contain These Two Adjectives

You may be surprised to hear that according to a research published on Mail Online the two adjectives proving to be real turn-offs are “happy” and “shy”.

It is possible you thought that to call yourself happy would be a wise move, as it implies that a potential partner would be able to enjoy life with you. Well, it turns out that we are either more miserable than we let on or that we are far more suspicious of people actually declaring their happiness when everyone around us is complaining about one thing or another.

What is wrong with “shy” then? What is it about a person who is more of an introvert, maybe, that deters people of the opposite sex from choosing them as a romantic partner? It is possible that, in our fast-food relationships era, people may be too busy to make an effort to help a possible partner open up. Simply put, a shy person may be seen as “too much work” by potential partners, so they don’t even bother getting to know more about him/her in the first place.

The Best Words to Use On Your Dating Profile

The study, which involved a sample of 400,000 dating profiles of both genders, also revealed the words that people should use for a better dating profile. These include the adjectives “honest”, “intelligent” and “confident” for men, while women who describe themselves as “sexy”, “honest” and “confident” also have better chances of landing themselves a date.

It seems, then, that whether you are a man or a woman, it is a good idea to swap “shy” and “happy” for “honest” and “confident” if you want to have a better dating profile.