Signs You Are Dating An Emotional Manipulator

We all like to think we can spot a user from a mile away, but it just so happens that when we are in love with that person we are so blinded by the passion or our idealized perception of them, especially in the early stages of a relationship. However, there are some tell-tale signs that a girl may be an emotional manipulator that we should not ignore.

No one likes an emotional manipulator. Are you dating one?
Is she an emotional manipulator? Read the signs.

The Profile Of An Emotional Manipulator

People who use others are usually very good at hiding their agenda, but if you look more closely there are clear signs of their insidious behavior. All you need to do is pay attention to the details.

She overshares too quickly

The first sign of an emotional manipulator is her willingness to share too much too soon. If she pours her heart out straight away, it may be her way of making you feel special. However, you will soon find her emotional load a little too heavy to bear and maybe even be made to feel responsible for some of it. Also, you will find that whatever your problems, hers will always be more serious.

Her actions don’t match her words

An emotional manipulator knows when to say the right thing. She will tell you what you want to hear when you need to hear it, but more often than not her actions will not follow her words. However, she will try to convince you that she is doing right by you, even when she clearly isn’t.

She doubts your grasp of reality

If she is denying you saw what you saw or heard what you heard, she is clearly doubting your perceptive abilities in an effort to distort reality. A person who manipulates other people’s emotions will do anything to make their partner doubt their own sanity. Sometimes they do it to gain something out of it, but some of them will just do it for the sheer satisfaction of exerting this kind of power over their partner.

She takes you on a guilt trip

An emotional manipulator will waste no chance to make you feel bad about yourself, reserving the role of the victim for herself. When you feel you have done her wrong and owe her an apology, this is the best chance for her to get everything she desires out of you. From material possessions to the promise of commitment, she is hell-bent on getting what her heart desires when you feel at your lowest.

If you recognize these signs on a person you are dating, it would be good to reconsider your relationship with them. Whether you want to stay and fight in a relationship with an emotional manipulator (which would be extremely hard, as we are talking about hard-wired character traits here) or end it is up to you, but be aware in any case.

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