This Plays A Major Role In How Women Choose A Partner

Even though women often say that beauty is not a big deal and are quick to add they care about personality more than looks when they are out to choose a partner, a study conducted by the Eastern Connecticut State University in the US showed otherwise.

Study reveals the real thing women care about when they choose a partner.
What do women really look for when it’s time to choose a partner?

What Do Most Women Look For When Out To Choose A Partner?

The study, the findings of which were published in Springer’s journal Evolutionary Psychological Science, involved 80 women between the ages of 15 and 29 years old, and one or both of their parents. They were shown pictures of men of different levels of attractiveness, each of which was accompanied by one of three trait profiles.

There was a “respectful” profile, which included the adjectives “respectful, trustworthy, and honest”, the “friendly” profile, which described the men as “friendly, dependable, and mature”, and the “pleasing” profile characterized the men as “of a pleasing disposition, ambitious, and intelligent.” The women then had to rate the photographs and descriptions with regards to how attractive they found each man to be, also rating his personal description, and stating whether they’d consider the person as a potential dating partner for themselves (or their daughters).

The Revealing Findings Of The Study

As it turns out, good looks was a major influence on how the young women and their mothers rated the target men, with the most attractive and those moderately attractive being the most preferable, regardless of their personality traits. In fact, even when a guy had the most desirable personality characteristics, he was not considered as dating material unless he was handsome too.

Madeleine Fugère, the leader of the study, said: “We conclude that a minimum level of physical attractiveness is a necessity for both younger women and their mothers.”

She goes on to add that when women and their parents were asked their opinion about potential mates, they invariably rated traits like respectfulness and friendliness as more important than good looks. “Yet, in doing so, they assume that the potential mates at least meet a minimally acceptable standard of physical attractiveness. However, when a range of attractiveness levels is presented, physical attractiveness takes priority over other characteristics when women choose a partner.”

So, even though character does play an important role when it comes to choosing their partner, women do pay a lot of attention to a guy’s attractiveness. Luckily, what is considered as attractive may actually differ from person to person, so everyone has a chance in love.

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