Your Love Map May Hold The Key To Why You Date Certain Women

Relationships are complicated, to say the least. However, it seems that experts have narrowed down how we choose the person with whom we will spend the rest of our lives with. We use our love map to choose, and it has been affecting how we choose our mate ever since we first started dating.

Your Love Map May Hold The Key To Why You Date Certain Women | Anastasia Date

Your Love Map Makes You Choose Who You Date 

Would you believe that the love map has already been established as early as in your childhood? We fall for and pursue the people who most clearly fit our own map. Without our knowing it, the pattern for our ideal mate has already begun forming in our heads ever since we were 8 years old. It is a sort of guide that we build up as we grow older for us to determine the traits we are attracted to.

Explaining The Love Map

There are many factors that influence our idea of the perfect mate. A popular notion among psychologists is that there’s a group of messages encoded in our brains that describes our likes and dislikes. These sort of instructions show our preferences in hair and eye color, voice, smell, and body build. Additionally, it also records the kind of personality that appeals to us. All in all, these neural messages are what constitutes the love map.

The Mother Figure

While it may not be true for some people, most men would look for their mother’s characteristics in a potential mate. They might not realize it at first, but eventually, they will notice their mate’s similarities to that of their mothers’. That is because mothers are the first real love of men. So it goes without saying that men’s brains are wired to look for women who are quite similar to the women who cared for them first. These similarities could be physical, in mannerisms, behavior.

Complementary Needs

Meanwhile, there are those polar opposites who get attracted to each other. That is because we want somebody to answer our needs. Like for example, a talker would like a listener because there is no sense if both are talkers. An aggressive partner may look for a more docile mate.

Now that you know about the love map, you may check yourself and your dating choices. Are you actually getting drawn to somebody with excellent traits? Then, pursue it. If it’s a potential cycle for another abusive relationship, then it’s best to steer clear. Address why you find negative traits attractive. For more relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.