Odd Mistakes Men Make In Relationships

It’s so typical for men to be clueless about what they did wrong in their relationship. Often times, their wife or girlfriend has to break things down so they realize that they did A, B, and C, wrong. Probably, most men would agree that the odd mistakes made weren’t considered to be mistakes at all. They’re just “men stuff” that comes naturally to the male species.

Odd Mistakes Men Make In Relationships | Anastasia Date

You Never Want To Make These Odd Mistakes Again

Despite the “men will always be men” justification, doing these odd mistakes can leave partners wondering what the future will be. This is the main reason why men need to be aware of these mistakes and correct them. What exactly are men doing wrong?

1. Not being honest about what you want.

Whether it’s knowing what to eat for dinner or deciding whether to hang out with your friends or not, tell her what your choice is. You need to realize that women aren’t asking you just to make conversation or fill the air. Women are asking because they genuinely want to you to make your own choice.

2. Not calling out your partner.

Let’s be honest. Women are, sometimes, quick to tell men that they’re being a jerk. However, men aren’t too comfortable calling out their wife or girlfriend when bad behavior is being displayed. Well, guess what, if you want to be in your relationship for a long time, you have to do it. It doesn’t matter how uncomfortable you feel. You have to want to help your partner become a better person.

3. Sending a text and then vanishing.

Out of all the odd mistakes listed here, women have to be nodding their head with this one. Why do men do this? After one text then, puff! Vanishing act! Women do not like this, whether dating or in an official relationship. You see, women see texts as meaningful sources of information. When you pull this stunt with her, it will cause stress. Eventually, she will wonder if you’re going to be the same in your relationship.

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