What Women Think And Do Before A First Date

A lot of men get nervous before a first date. Well, guess what? Women feel the exact same way. It might not seem like it because women can hide their nervousness better than a man can. This post could fix this right up. You’re going to find out exactly what women think about and do before going on a first date.

What Women Think And Do Before A First Date | Anastasia Date

Surprising Things About What Women Think And Do Before Meeting Someone They Like

This should be an interesting sneak peek into the mind of a woman. Reading this post might spark your natural confidence since you’re going to be aware of how what a woman goes through right before you meet with her:

1. She tells her friends.

Talking about a major event to her friends makes her feel calmer and in control of the situation. Think of it as sharing how she feels with her support system. Most of the time, a woman’s friends will give her advice on what to wear, what to order, or what to talk about when on a first date.

2. She wishes that you take the lead.

Of course, your date isn’t going to tell you, “Hey, you should take the lead, ok?” However, she secretly wishes that you do. Women love a man who can take charge during dates. Just remember that there’s a difference between taking charge and being bossy.

3. She over-analyses everything.

You aren’t the only one that’s over-analyzing everything. From what they are wearing, to what makeup look they’re going to paint on their face, women analyze every small detail. Just like you, they also want the night to be perfect.

4. Prepping ahead of time.

How long do you prepare for a first date? For women, it doesn’t just take hours in a day. It could take weeks. For example, women may pick out the outfit they’re going to wear one week before the date. The advance preparation is probably the reason behind women’s effortless and relaxed demeanor.

Yes, women worry and prepare just as hard as you before going on a first date. So, rest assured that you’re not alone in what you are feeling. For more tips on how to date better, read more posts on our blog.