Is Your Date Freckling You This Summer?

Freckling, like its name connotes, is a summer happenstance. It’s a combination of the words “freckles” and “flings”, which clearly suggests that these are casual relationships formed during the summer.

Is Your Date Freckling You This Summer? | Anastasia Date

You Should Be Worried When You’re Date Is Freckling You

It seems that some people try to find love with every season of the year. For summer, it is called freckling. As you may have guessed, as soon as summer is through, so will the relationship be. There are some disadvantages to this and it can be a hindrance to true love:

1. There is no closure

Summer is such a long and fun season. More often than not, you are on vacation. You go abroad, to another state, or just have a staycation. You can have as many flings as the number of vacations you have. You start and then you leave. And there’s no closure. When the next summertime hits, you get back to the cycle all over again.

2. Social media complications

The problem with this setup of freckling is that we have social media. After you have spent some hours together on the beach, you will most likely add each other up on your different social media platforms. Then you add photos of you together doing things like swimming, having dinner, or watching the sunset. When the summer is over, you drift apart, but you still stalk each other online. That’ll be awkward when you have finally found the right person and he or she sees that you have been hanging out with a lot of people, especially during summer.

3. Prevents you from having a fulfilling relationship

Freckling may be good if you just want to play around, to fill in the void, or just to have somebody to share your summer vacation with. But if you are looking for a lasting relationship, this is not a good setup. Doing this will just keep you from committing when the right person comes along.

So, okay, you might want this summer love, but think about the consequence of freckling. Is it really worth investing your time and effort? It may be okay if you are still young. But as you are growing older, you better know your priorities. For more dating updates, check out the rest of our blog.