The Lies People Tell On First Dates

Who doesn’t lie from time to time? It’s only natural to want to either present ourselves as being better or hide some things we are not too proud of, especially when we want to make a good impression. What are the most common lies people tell on first dates?

Almost everyone lies on first dates.
Which of these lies have you told on first dates?

Watch Out For These Lies On First Dates

From increasing our salary to decreasing number of our sexual partners, these are the little white lies we tell in the hopes of impressing our prospective new partners.

The number of people we’ve slept with. Is there an ideal number of people we can refer to when asked about our sexual history? If so, is it the same for men and women? In most cases, women who have had their fair share of sexual partners tend to lower that number, while men may do the same if they feel they might be considered a little too promiscuous, or give it a boost if they want to appear more experienced.

Our dating history. As with sexual partners, the number of people we have dated may also be something of a taboo. The biggest thing to fear is to seem too negative or picky if we mention that we’ve dated around a lot, so in most cases, we slash that number.

Our salary. If we’re not exactly handsomely paid for the job we do, we may be tempted to vamp up the numbers on our paycheck just to seem a little more well-to-do.

Our job. Like the salary lie, a fib about our job has to do with our status. If we feel like our date’s job is better or offering them a better social status, it may be tempting to change our career, even for as long as a date lasts.

Our age. Another common lie people tell on first dates is about their age. This is especially true when there’s a big age gap between the two dating people. The man almost always feels like he needs to be a little older than the woman, so he may be tempted to increase his age if he feels she might think he is too young, while women shouldn’t even be asked about their age in the first place. If they are, that’s a risk any man should be prepared to take.

While everyone is entitled to an innocent little lie every now and then, the best policy is honesty, even on first dates. Be proud of who you are, what you do and your history and be open to other people’s opinions and facts, reserving quick judgment.