Tips To Handling The Toughest Dating Questions

Dating is fun and there are people who hit it off instantly during the first date. However, as the relationship progresses, you will be faced with the toughest dating questions. After all, a relationship could not remain stagnant. It has to go somewhere.

Tips To Handling The Toughest Dating Questions | Anastasia Date

Handling The Toughest Dating Questions With Finesse

So you have been going out for months and everything seems quite well. Eventually, you should expect for your date to ask the toughest dating questions that could lead to really serious talks. You need to understand that this is OK. You just have to know how to handle each dating question when it arises:

“What was wrong with your last relationship?”

This has to be a tough question to those who are not totally over their past relationship. Be honest if you feel this way. Let your date know that you were hurt and are not ready to talk about it yet. Emphasize the importance of what you have now. However, when you are ready and you don’t mind talking about what happened, make sure that you relay your past in a way that sounds mature.

“What are we?”

If you are both seeing each other for quite some time, the other person would feel that it’s time to put a label on your relationship. If you really like this person, be honest and tell him or her how you feel. But, if you are not sure or are not ready for a commitment, you better come clean. That way, your date can decide if they want to continue or not.

“When will you go to my parents’ house?”

Spending time with a person you like is fun but the mention of meeting the parents seems like a douse of cold water. However, if you are really into somebody, you should not be intimidated. Rather, you should take the next opportunity to meet the elders. But if you are not, now is the time to beg off the relationship. Do not keep stalling if you really don’t have plans of taking the relationship further.

A relationship that does not progress is a dead one. You are just wasting each other’s time. The toughest dating questions are also a test of your motives and where you stand. For more tips, make sure to check out other posts on the blog.