Is The Pygmalion Effect Affecting Your Relationship?

The Pygmalion effect started from a Greek myth. It was a story about an artist, Pygmalion, who believed that women are capable of doing bad things so he swore against women and decided to be single. However, he made a statue of the perfect woman and eventually fell in love with it. He gave his love and adoration to the statue, eventually praying to the goddess Venus that the image becomes a real person. And, the goddess granted that prayer. The statue came to life and they got married.

Is The Pygmalion Effect Affecting Your Relationship? | Anastasia Date

What You Need To Know About The Pygmalion Effect For Your Relationship

Is your relationship, particularly marriage, in trouble? Has your date lost interest? Are you stuck in a lifeless and unproductive relationship? If that’s the case, the Pygmalion effect can help your relationship:

Hoping For Something Better

When you hope for something better, you believe that nothing is etched in stone—even the difficulties in your relationship. While it seems that you are treading in a loveless marriage or relationship every day, you believe deep down that things will become better sooner or later.

Faith In The Person

Because you have hope, you have faith. You have faith in the person and in the relationship just like Pygmalion to his statue. You believe in the healing power of love. And, with all your heart you know your partner can change. Your relationship will improve over time. Faith in your partner is especially stronger if you have seen and experienced the good side before the slump.

Persevere In Love

Just as you have hope in your relationship and faith in your partner, you are happy to persevere. You will continue to love your partner and nurture your relationship. You will continue to serve him or her while praying hard that one day, something good will come out of your situation and you will both become happier.

The Pygmalion effect has been shown to affect not just lovers but also among other relationships like parent-child, teacher-student, coach-athlete, and others. As long as we believe in the other person, have positive expectations, and give them so much love, they will improve and become better in whatever they do. They will literally come alive. For more posts, check out the rest of our blog.