Opening Lines For App Dating That Will Get You Noticed

We live in a digital generation. Practically everyone has accepted app dating as a normal way to meet people for friendships or dates. Despite its commonness, app dating isn’t as easy as many think it is. There are people who are unsuccessful in landing even just the first date.

Opening Lines For App Dating That Will Get You Noticed | Anastasia Date

Opening Lines You Should Be Using When App Dating

App dating has still pretty much the same principles as dating in real life. Many of us don’t really realize this. We come up with seemingly smart ways to impress our dates, but all we really need is an opening line that will catch someone’s interest. Here are a few examples of ones that are effective when you’re app dating:

1. Give out a compliment and ask a question. For example, “Hi! Did you know that you have the top two most characteristics that people value the most? ” 

2. Be playful with a sense of humor. For example, “I win the contest of saying hello first. Care to tell me what my prize is? My name is [insert your name here].“

3. Light-hearted questioning that’s unique to the recipient. For example, “A fairy tells me you are just near me. Is this your permanent location or are you just visiting around here?”

4. Showing vulnerability and some positive approach. For example, “Hello! I smiled when I looked at your profile pic. You seem refreshingly normal. Looking at you made me automatically feel a little more enthusiastic about app dating, which I have to say is so not me, yet here I am trying to start a conversation with you.”

5. Focusing on interests. “Hi! I can’t help but notice, is that cute dog yours or did you just borrow him for your profile photo to make me say hi?”

There aren’t plenty of opening lines for app dating on this list but these five should get you started. When you’ve had enough practice, you’ll make up your own app dating opening lines that work for you. For more tips on dating and relationships, check out the rest of the blog.