Do Something About Emotional Disconnection, Or Else

There will come a time in every relationship where the couple feels disconnected from each other. This is usually a temporary phase for resilient couples are still able to make the connection. However, what if your emotional disconnection reaches a point where you’re second-guessing the person you’re dating?

Do Something About Emotional Disconnection, Or Else | Anastasia Date

Emotional Disconnection Can Be The Cause Of A Break-Up

When you do nothing about your emotional disconnection, it can be the reason why your relationship ends. This situation is actually very common among relationships of today. Life gets in the way, so does work and other tasks. When you don’t feel connected to your partner anymore, here are a few things that you can do:

1. Do what your partner wants to do.

Your partner may feel like he or she isn’t connected with you anymore because you don’t spend quality time together. He or she may want to do something with you, but you don’t have time for it. Well, go through with it if you want your connection to be re-established. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, just do it.

2. What traits do you love most about your partner?

When you and your partner were still casually dating, can you recall the traits that attracted you to him or her? For example, being generous or gentle or compassionate. To gain back your connection, think about this trait and tell your partner, “We’ve been together for [X] months, and I still see that you have a big heart.” To be truly seen by the person you love is wonderful.

3. What can you do to make your partner feel more loved?

You have to admit that you may have your own faults. You’re probably not giving your partner any attention or even help. Make your loved one feel appreciated by helping with chores, saying thank you more often, and expressing love physically – a hug or a kiss.

Although it’s common to be disconnected with your partner in a relationship, you need to take the proactive step if you don’t want to experience deterioration. For more relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.