How To Interpret The Flirting Code That Women Send

Women are complicated creatures. Aside from not knowing what really goes on in their mind, you’d have to attempt to decipher the flirting code they give off. If you’re right, your efforts are rewarded with a conversation. But, if you deciphered the code inaccurately, it could spell trouble.

How To Interpret The Flirting Code That Women Send | Anastasia Date

Easily Understand The Flirting Code

The flirting code is basically understanding the signals that a woman gives off. It’s identifying if these signals are genuine flirting or just a habit. Use the following to interpret the meaning behind the gestures ladies do when you are around:

1. Flipping of her hair.

When a woman flips her hair or runs her fingers through it, she is suggesting that she wants to look good before you. Most men find this gesture attractive, especially if a woman exposes her underarm as she shifts her hair to the side, showing off her neck.

2. Pouting and wetting of the lips.

A lot of women spend money on lip colors, and others even have Botox injections to make their lips plumper. When they pout and wet their lips, it most probably indicates physical interest towards you.

3. Touching some parts of the body.

When a woman is stroking her own body parts, like her neck, or arms, she may be subconsciously wanting you to take notice of these parts. The touching is actually an unconscious reaction to her interest in you.

4. Bending of the wrist.

The bending or the limping of the wrist suggests feminine weakness like she wants to be pursued.

5. Fondling a cylindrical object or moving a ring off and on the finger.

These movements are unconscious actions that indicate that the woman wants to take it a step further in knowing about you more.

6. Repositioning of the head.

There are many ways to act when talking to a guy. But, there are positions of the head that indicate that your date is more than interested in you. A sideways glance over the shoulder or the tilting of the head to show the neck are two most common signs that she is drawing you in.

The more than you understand the flirting code, the better you’ll know how to progress. Study, observe, and understand some more, as women are intricate species. For more dating tips by AnastasiaDate, read other posts on our blog.