Types Of Cheating Men Aren’t Familiar With

When it comes to cheating, it’s obvious that men and women have different definitions of it. Yes, most of us are aware of where the line starts and begins like you should never be with another person intimately. Talking about going behind your partner’s back, we know what areas are black and white. However, what about the grey areas? Are there types of cheating that many of us don’t know about?

Types Of Cheating Men Aren't Familiar With | Anastasia Date

Women Consider These Types Of Cheating As Serious Offenses

The truth is, it’s not so many women that have this problem. If you backtrack to your previous relationships, you might have experienced your former fling telling you, outright, that an innocent flirt is already considered a form of infidelity.

Most men are surprised by this claim. Correct this if this is wrong but, a lot of men feel that if there wasn’t any physical contact involved, it’s not considered cheating. Women, on the other hand, have a perspective that’s totally different. If you don’t want to cause friction to your relationship because you’re unaware of the types of cheating women consider as a major offense, then go through this list:

1. Liking Several Photos Of One Woman On Social Media

One of the social media rules you must follow when you are in a relationship is that you should never comment or like on one woman’s photo consistently. Unfortunately, it’s a rule that many men forget about.

2. Fantasizing About Another Person

If you often day-dream about a person other than your partner, then consider it cheating. Of course, your partner doesn’t expect you to think about her all the time, but thinking of another person is going beyond the boundary of the relationship.

3. Secret Spending On Yourself

Yes, always buying things for yourself secretly is considered cheating. Although this is not a matter of the heart, secret spending can cause plenty of problem for the relationship. It doesn’t matter if the person doing the spending is getting funds out of his own pocket.

A relationship is all about sharing your lives together. How can you share your life with your partner if you’re busy thinking about another person, or if you’re stalking another woman on social media? It simply will not do. For more tips on relationships, read our blog.