The Worst Dating Trend Has Been Named Mosting

For a few months, everything has seemed to quiet down on the dating front in terms of negative trends. Well, the quietness has now been broken. The worst dating trend has been spotted and given a name. People are calling it “mosting”.

The Worst Dating Trend Has Been Named Mosting | Anastasia Date

The Worst Dating Trend Will Break Your Heart Into A Million Pieces

Being “mosted” is the worst dating trend of 2018. It’s going to instantly break your heart, sad to say. “Mosting” is a combination of ghosting and the word more or most.

Here’s a scenario that best explains this: you meet someone through an online dating website. You hit it off and exchange plenty of messages together. This person bombards you with love quotes and sweet nothings. He or she professes his or her undying love for you and comes on real strong. One day, this person just disappears from the face of the digital space.

It’s not just online too. If you have experienced a similar situation in your offline dating life, then you have been “mosted”. It’s so unfortunate. But, “mosting” is something real that has been happening, maybe, even before online dating became the norm.

How To Protect Yourself From “Mosting”

The best way to keep yourself from being “mosted” is to find out if someone’s intentions or feelings are as genuine as they say. This is easier said than done. We are putting ourselves out, willing to show our vulnerable side to allow love to come in. Despite this, here are some tips that will help:

Don’t Just Follow Your Heart All The Time

We can’t always trust what our heart says. Sometimes, we have to use our brains to balance everything out. Most of the time, our gut may also be hinting that something is wrong.

Check In With Your Friends

When something is not quite right, we can always trust our friends to give it to us straight up. If you’re already smitten, see what your friends think. They might be seeing something that you aren’t.

Give Yourself Time To Figure It Out

Do not jump to the conclusion that what you’re feeling is, indeed, love. Time will tell if the feeling (yours and the other person’s) is true or not.

“Mosting” should never happen to anyone. Protect yourself in your search for love. There are more tips like this one the blog.