Hob Dating? What Is It And Will It Work For You?

Hob dating is kind of picking up in recent years on the dating scene. People have been doing it but are probably not aware of it. So, it is safe to say that not too many people know about it, but the term has already been coined. Now, we need to know what it’s all about.

Hob Dating? What Is It And Will It Work For You? | Anastasia Date

Details Of Hob Dating That We Should Know About

So what exactly is it, exactly? Though it is not in any way connected to cooking, the principles that apply are kind of taken from your regular burner, whether it’s electric or gas. All of them involve heat and it’s exactly how this way of dating works.

When you are in the kitchen with different burners and you are multi-tasking, you cook several dishes at the same time. But, not all of them are in high heat, depending on what you are cooking.

In hob dating, it’s like maintaining several people on your radar. You date them without commitment and check how things progress. You apply different levels of “heat”, like when you are cooking. Meaning, you expend your energies and resources in different levels. You turn up the “heat” on the connection with the person of your choosing while turning it down for the others.

The Advantages of Hob Dating

Hob dating will enable you to “adjust the temperature” of your relationship. If it’s going well and it has the potential for going long-term, you can gradually build up the “heat”, meaning you increase your effort in securing a relationship with one of the people you’re seeing.

The Downside

The disadvantage of this set up in hob dating is that the guy or gal can appear like a user or player. You can lead all the people you’re seeing without thoughts of long-term commitment. Or, you can keep getting gifts from your dates which is unfair at all angles you see the situation.

Can Hob Dating Work For You?

If you are seriously looking for a long-term relationship, then hob dating can work for you because then you have choices and you get to pick the one with the best potential. You have to be honest with the people you’re seeing so there’s no deceit involved.

Whether you decide if this dating technique for you or not, it’s best to look at the situation from a bird’s eye view so you can clearly weigh everything. For more tips, read other posts on our blog.