Change Your Online Dating Photo Now, Here’s Why

If you think that your online dating photo doesn’t matter and that you’ll definitely meet someone with just your well-written online dating description of yourself, you’re mistaken. What you’ve got written on your dating profile won’t make up a complete package without eye-catching photos.

How To Take Way Better Online Dating Profile Pictures

That’s the problem with most online daters these days. Many think that a half-naked selfie inside the restroom will suffice, but this photo may be one of the reasons why you’re not going to get any online dates – ever! The road to better online dating profile pictures will not be a difficult one if you consider the following tips.

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1. Take care of yourself, first of all.

You can always fake a slimmer body by changing the angles when you take photos. But, nothing beats the real thing. You also need to remember that looking good isn’t about faking it. It’s about feeling good about yourself which will translate into your online dating profile pictures.

2. Make an effort when you’re taking photos.

Going back to those less flattering restroom selfies; they don’t require a lot of effort, and that may be the problem. Selfies are too easy! They may look good, sometimes, but better pictures require a bit more effort, just like when you’re preparing for a first date!

3. Dress well.

Dressing well is subjective. Maybe the better to say it would be to dress nicely – put on a nice shirt with a collar, a suit if you’re feeling like it, or a fashionable attire. Do you really need to do this step? Yes, if you want to take better online dating profile pictures. You’re putting in the effort, remember?

4. Take pictures in your favorite spot.

Let’s say you have a favorite place in the city that you always visit. A good idea would be to take pictures there. You’re not compromising yourself by taking pictures of different spots in your house, and you’re allowing others to get to know you better based on your favorite place.

5. Try some props!

You might be thinking that this list of tips for better online dating profile pictures is getting cheesier and cheesier. Why would you include props in your photo? Well, it’s a conversation starter. It could be a book, your laptop, a guitar, or a fishing rod.

The picture of you holding up a prop from a hobby you do allows people to know you better even before talking to you. You have to admit that holding a prop is more interesting than just standing there and smiling.

Let us know which tip for better online dating pictures worked for you! Don’t forget to visit the rest of our blog for more helpful and exciting posts about relationships and online dating.