Orbiting Could Be Ruining Your Dating Life

The introduction of social media has changed the dating landscape drastically. In the past, we had to make a call or visit to invite somebody out. Then came the emailing, and now you can easily send an informal DM to ask if somebody wants to hang or chill. But, our online presence came with a lot of potentially dangerous new situations. And now we have something called orbiting.

Orbiting Could Be Ruining Your Dating Life | Anastasia Date

What is Orbiting in Dating?

For the older, non-technology savvy generation, “orbiting” was a term we applied to the planets that go around the sun. But now, the word has taken on a new form and application; it’s the act of “staying at a safe distance” from another person by lurking around their social media accounts without responding to private messages.

Imagine it this way: orbiters are people who possibly went out on dates with you. The problem is they do not necessarily say when they don’t want to go out with you anymore. They don’t answer calls or messages anymore. But, when they feel like it, they “like” or “comment” on your social media posts, making you feel like they are still around.

They want to stay updated on your life, but they are keeping a safe distance as the Earth does from the Sun. People who practice orbiting ghost you, but they still check up on you via social media.

Effects Of Orbiting

For one, orbiting is rude. You leave other people hanging because you don’t want to talk things out or you have simply lost interest. Sometimes, all one needs is closure. You can remain friends after that if you sort things out.

If you keep on orbiting your dates, you will likely lose potentially long-term partners because of your behavior. This is a big turn off and will ruin your dating life.

What If Someone Was Orbiting You?

If you are a victim of orbiting and the other party is already annoying you, you have the power at your fingertips. You can block them from your social media or you can erase them from your contacts on the dating website you met this person on. End of story. Don’t worry if you appear rude already by blocking that person. It is not about rudeness anymore. It’s about your peace of mind.

Don’t be an orbiter or be careful with people who like to orbit their dates. They are simply flaky and may not be ready for a long-term or serious relationship at all. For other dating news and updates, check out our blog.