Is It Really Love Or Just An Extremely Comfortable Relationship?

Generally, everyone wants to have a comfortable life. All of us want to be secure in our work, in our homes, and with our families. Nobody wants to go through life suffering or experiencing difficulty. However, could the same be said with our relationships? Do we really want a comfortable relationship all the time?

Is It Really Love Or Just An Extremely Comfortable Relationship? | Anastasia Date

Having A Comfortable Relationship Isn’t All That Good

First of all, you need to know that conflict can be good, sometimes. When it is dealt with appropriately, relationship arguments can actually help us grow. Think about it. While we were growing up, we weren’t comfortable at most times. We fell and scraped our knee, we were hurt by other people, we fell in love and got our hearts broken – all of these painful experiences makes up who we are today.

Comfortable relationships are not bad at all. However, when we always feel comfortable, we become complacent. We don’t learn anything, and we don’t become stronger because we are always in our comfort zone. For you to clearly see, here are the PROs and CONs of a comfortable relationship:


When the relationship or marriage gets comfortable, then the part where you have to prove your worth to the other person is over. You have reached the climax or the limit and now you don’t have to put much effort into pleasing your partner. There is no struggle anymore which can be good because it gives as the peace of mind and security we always long for.


“Familiarity breeds contempt,” isn’t that how the saying goes? When things are routine-like or repetitive, it’s no secret that we become bored. Just look at the couples in your life who have fallen out of love. Mystery disappeared and they have become too comfortable. Being in such a state can be the cause of the relationship’s deterioration.

In conclusion, you should watch out for leaks and cracks where the essence of your connection could seep through. If anything, take this post as a reminder that you don’t need to be comfortable all the time in your relationship. This should change your perspective when conflicts come along. For more tips on strengthening your partnership, read other posts on our blog.