Unwritten Dating App Rules That Will Surprise Anyone

Let’s face it, dating has evolved big time in the last 10 years, thanks to technology. With online dating, we now have dating app rules that are generally followed. Some are common, but there are those that are not written in stone. Nevertheless, whether an app dating rule is known or not, we should familiarize ourselves with them to get the most out of our dating experience.

Unwritten Dating App Rules That Will Surprise Anyone | Anastasia Date

Not So Common Dating App Rules We Should All Be Familiar With

To increase your engagement and the chances of getting a date, we should all understand even the less common dating app rules because they may be the keys to having a flourishing love life:

1. False modesty is a turn-off.

Just like in face to face interactions, false modesty will make the other party skip your profile. Even if you want to appear humble, false modesty will not get you anywhere. Usually, online daters, especially women, skip profiles with lines like “I am terrible at talking to people or mingling” or “I am the worst at playing chess.”

2. Bragging is another major turn-off.

On the other side, bragging will get you the wrong attention. There is also such a thing called the “humble brag”. You want to brag about your achievements or possessions but you try to do it discreetly. It can appear tacky.

3. Don’t put up a wish list.

You are not sending a letter to Santa, so don’t publish a wish list of what you would like in a potential partner. It sounds selfish.

4. Always put up a decent photo.

Revealing photos, like topless ones or just wearing skimpy bathing suits, are not exactly enticing. Think about what you would like to project. Are you merely looking for a good time or a long-term relationship?

5. Filters do not always help.

While we want to look good in photos, too much use of a social media filter makes us appear fake. It’s fine if you want to find your good angle, but too much filter is short of cheating.

6. Meet up or give up.

You have been interacting online for quite some time and nobody seems to be making the move to meet. If there is no good reason why you are still not meeting, then you are just wasting each other’s time.

These are just simple dating app rules to follow. But, they will greatly improve your app dating profile. Making these tiny changes can get you more attention. Try them out and see how they work out for you. For more tips on app dating, read other posts on the blog.