Love Yourself Better By Eliminating These Perspectives

You have to learn how to love yourself in order for you to love others in the way they deserve. To achieve this, one would need certain life experiences that could help alter negative perspectives of life and love. The problem is, loving ourselves comes easy for some of us, but to most, it is a challenge.

Love Yourself Better By Eliminating These Perspectives | Anastasia Date

These Negative Perspectives Won’t Help You Love Yourself Better

The truth is, we are hindering our love for ourselves because we may feel like we are not worthy. We should do away with this perspective for us to truly learn our worth. Listed below are other perspectives that we must get rid of:

1. “I am defined by the changes in my body.”

Have you gained a lot of weight recently? So what? Your weight doesn’t dictate whether you are a good person or a bad one. It also shouldn’t be the defining factor of how beautiful or handsome we think we are.

2. “I am already passed my glory days.”

Sometimes, we see ourselves as less because we can no longer do the things that we used to do. For example, when we have reached a certain age, we are going to experience physical limitations. This might make some of us anxious, affecting our self-worth. No, we are still us no matter what we can or cannot do.

3. “My colleagues have it better.”

Comparing yourself to others is probably the biggest hindrance that people encounter in their journey of discovering self-worth. When we see our friends or family doing great, we feel happy, but we might also feel a bit envious. Why can’t our lives be like there’s? Because we see that the grass is greener on the other side, we fail to see how great things are in ours.

4. “I just want to stay in my comfort zone.”

Let’s face it, our comfort zones are things or situations that make us feel safe and secure. However, if we stay in this zone for too long, we are shielding ourselves from experiencing life and everything it has to offer.

Starting today, practice more positive perspectives so that you can slowly become your best self. We are all worthy and deserving to be loved and feel loved. For more posts about self-improvement, read other blog posts here.