Steps To Becoming The Right Person So You’re One Step Closer To Love

We may often hear about people trying to find the right person. But, seldom do we hear about becoming the right person in order to attract the kind of relationship we want. It’s ironic when you think about it because most of the time we focus on the search. It turns out that we have to focus on the search from within – know ourselves better and try to work on becoming better.

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Becoming The Right Person Is Easy When You Have This Guide

We all have our flaws; some are negligible while others are the snags that keep you from achieving relationship success. To work on becoming the right person, the one thing that you have to do is assess yourself. In your personal assessment, here are two things that you need to check on:

What can I bring or give to the relationship?

List down the things that you are capable of bringing into the relationship. Some of these are material things like financial stability, mobility, or the security of having your own home.

One non-material thing that you can bring into the relationship is genetics, such as hair color, height, and skin. Qualitative traits that you can bring in are personality, attitude, behavior, faith, political stand, and preferences.

Meanwhile, you can also give your time and effort into the relationship if you have enough of those.

What can’t I bring into the relationship?

There are just certain things that you cannot bring into the relationship because you don’t have it. List these things down so you can formulate an action plan that will help you correct your flaws. If your flaws are unfixable, then you can bring those to light as well. Your true love will understand and come to terms with you not being perfect.

Why The Lists?

So why exactly should you list everything down? The main reason is that the lists will adjust your perspective. Most of the time we have this unrealistic view of ourselves and of the relationship we want, so listing down what you can and cannot bring to the table will ground your thoughts and help you move forward.

If you want to become the right person for somebody out there, you need to work on the things you have identified that need to be worked on. Check out our blog for other tips on dating and self-improvement.