How To Have A Love Life Without Regrets

How many times have you wished you could turn back the hands of time and change the way you did things in a relationship, or how you handled a breakup? We all fantasize about re-living these moments that have caused us hurt, or that we unintentionally hurt those who loved us. Some say a love life without regrets is a pipe dream, but we think that it can be done.

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A Love Life Without Regrets Is Possible

Sure, as we mature and experience new things, we also gain more knowledge of ourselves and others and deal with situations better with time. However, if we all lived by these simple rules, we’d feel sorry for much less regarding our love lives.

#1 Forgive and Forget. It’s not easy to do and it’s not something that can be done instantly. But if we all realized how letting go of negative feelings, not holding grudges, and moving on with our lives can liberate us and benefit our soul, we’d do it sooner rather than later.

#2 Express Love Without Fear. As cliché as it may sound, we never know when our last day on this planet will be. If we truly understand that we are blessed to be alive, we will not hesitate to express our love, appreciation, and admiration to others. Why hold back the positive comments you can make that will make someone happy? It doesn’t even matter if they feel the same way – expressing your feelings will be your effort made. Isn’t it better to know than to keep wondering “what if…”?

#3 Make Peace With Your Feelings. We spend a great deal of time wondering if we are right to feel angry if we are justified to feel remorse, or even if it’s OK to be in love with someone; but what’s the meaning of this? We need to stop torturing ourselves for the way we feel and to realize that we are entitled to feel however we want. There is no arguing with our psyche, and the sooner we make peace with it, the better.

#4 Don’t Just Sit And Wait For Love To Find You. Go for it. Look for love; actively pursue communication, meeting people, dating. Don’t be afraid of disappointment and rejection, they are part of life and growing up too. Love won’t come knocking on our door;  we need to make an effort to find it.

#5 Walk Away From Negative People. Negative people are a source of misery, they will hold you back and will change the way you see life for the worse. The minute you realize someone is dragging you down with their negativity, don’t hesitate to cut all ties with them. Relationships with negative people can have no other result but bitterness and regret.

Even though a love life without regrets seems hard to achieve, following these rules will eliminate the pain experienced when you think you could have done things differently. Being open to people, but protecting yourself from negativity and self-doubt, are some of the best things you can do for your soul.