What You See Here Will Tell You Your Biggest Weakness In Love

Probably all of us are fond of online personality quizzes. Most believe that our fondness for taking these tests comes from our pursue or want of knowing ourselves better. We want to learn about our strength and identify the biggest weakness we have.

Great Optical Illusions | Biggest Weakness In Love
Photo Credit: Great Optical Illusions

The Photo That Will Reveal Our Biggest Weakness In Love

Whether you believe the results you get from online quizzes and personality tests, they’re still fun to do. This particular test on this post will show you what your biggest weakness in love is. Before anything else, you have to take a look at the photo below. Don’t cheat. What do you see first?

1. Bound Man

Seeing the bound man between two trees likely indicates that you have a conflicted personality. This doesn’t mean that you are at war with everything around you. It just means that you are at war with yourself, most of the time. You need to find love within yourself to find the love that you think you deserve.

2. Fence

You probably already know what a fence means. If this is the first thing you saw, your problem is that you close yourself off to others. You’re afraid of letting people in. To find love, you need to overcome your biggest weakness by allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

3. Boat

On the picture, if it’s the boat filled with eggs that you saw first, you might just have standards that are way too high. You have to ground yourself to find love. Assess your expectations and adjust them accordingly to something that’s more realistic.

4. Skull

The skull doesn’t always have to symbolize death. In this photo, it likely means that you are always filling yourself with worry and anxiety in the love department. What if this person doesn’t like you? What if this new relationship doesn’t work out? You have to let things flow and run their course. Accept that you cannot control everything and you’ll be on your way.

As you know, not all personality tests are accurate but please do let us know if this one hits close to home. For more fun updates on love, read more posts on our blog.