This Is How One Dating Trend Is Actually A Real Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse in relationships can come in different forms. It could be from words, neglect, or lack of affection, among many other things. It makes our partners feel inflicted, afflicted and conflicted. In other words, it destroys from within. One form of emotional abuse in today’s time is gaslighting.

The Levels Of Emotional Abuse From Gaslighting | Anastasia Date

Gaslighting Is A Form Of Emotional Abuse That Can Cause Serious Damage

Gaslighting is doing a malicious act against another person in an attempt to gain more power or control. In such scenarios, the victim is left to question his or her concept of reality because the gaslighter has already manipulated the circumstances and facts. In other words, the gaslighter manipulates the truth so the other person won’t know about it. This can drive people literally crazy. It is a grave form of emotional abuse without leaving physical scars. Regardless of how evil gaslighting already is, there are several levels to it:

Unconscious Gaslighting

There may be people who are unaware of what they are doing. They have probably been victims themselves by their family members or a former lover. They hated the feeling of being victimized but unconsciously, they have followed the nasty habit of manipulating people.

Awareness Something Is Off

The gaslighter, at this level, already knows or is getting some hint that what he or she is doing is wrong. However, the person does not want to change or doesn’t have the capacity to change his or her ways.

Intentional—More Aware Of An Impact—But No Intent So Seriously Harm

The gaslighter is aware of what he or she is doing and the effect he or she has on people. However, his or her intent is not really aiming to destroy the other person involved. The gaslighter just wants to control some aspects of the situation, the relationship, or their life in general. The gaslighter may also be manipulating the truth for the sake of winning.

Malicious Intent With Desire to Harm

This is the worst kind of gaslighting because the person is aware of what he or she is doing and is using every movement to destroy the other person emotionally. The motive is to gain control and power. The person may or may not really enjoy driving their people crazy, but he or she does enjoy the power wielded by the manipulation.

Whatever level of gaslighting you see in people, it is still emotional abuse. The action needs to be called out to raise awareness, or it has to be corrected with professional help. For more relationship and self-development advice, read other posts on our blog.