What’s Unghosting, The Latest Dating Craze?

At this point, we are all probably already familiar with the dating term ghosting. This happens when a person you’ve been communicating with online suddenly disappears and stops responding to your messages without any explanation. While this dating phenomenon is already an old news, another one is slowly taking over its place, and it’s exactly a completely logical next step, so it shouldn’t surprise you it’s called unghosting.

After Ghosting, Unghosting Became A Trend | Anastasia Date
If she wants to unghost you, what will you tell her?

All The Kids Are Doing It: What’s Unghosting?

First of all, you cannot be unghosted if you have not been ghosted by someone before. The reason is that unghosting is the undoing of ghosting. So, let’s say that one of your online dates, who ghosted you three months ago, out of the blue, sent you a text message or an email saying something along the lines of: “Hi, how have you been? I missed you.”

This is what unghosting is all about. A person who ghosted you, all of a sudden wants to connect with you all over again, hoping that you two might get back together, or rekindle the old “online flame”.

Why Is Unghosting Happening?

Let’s start with ghosting. Commonly, people do it because they feel that there might be other (or better) options they can choose from. They lose interest in the individual they are talking to because they’ve either found someone better or think that there’s someone better out there. When these people realise that there are actually not a lot of options for them, they’ll go back to the last person they felt “something” with, and that could be you. Thus, unghosting happens.

What Should You Do With People Who Try To Unghost You?

If you’re facing a situation where someone is attempting to get back with you again, you have to think long and hard about what to do. But, let’s get real here. If the person saw that your relationship had potential in the past, why would he or she ghost you?

Go back to that time when this person was nowhere to be found. You were looking for answers, and this person did not give you any since he or she disappeared like a floating bubble. Truthfully, people who have ghosted you, probably just regret it because they now see they have no other choice. Besides, they didn’t handle themselves very well in a first place: instead of telling you they see no point in talking to you anymore, they chose to cut communications without explanation.

But remember, every story is different. So if you feel you should give the person another try, you should do it. You’ll just be more careful in the process.

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