Science-Based Tips To Make Her Fall For You

We have always thought of falling in love as a phenomenon that just happens. It is not calculated, it is not premeditated, nor is it predictable. Or, so we thought. We’ve done a little bit of researching, and we stumbled onto different studies that can actually better our chances for dates. If you want to make her fall for you, this is the post you should be reading.

Science-Based Tips To Make Her Fall For You | Anastasia Date
Will science help you get a date?

Research That Shows How You Could Make Her Fall For You Quicker

Take note of the following research so you can apply the principles or the results when you are online dating or when you’re asking someone out:

1. Embarrass Yourself

Really? Embarrassing yourself? Well, the  Harvard Business School researchers think that it can improve your chances with your date. Based on their research, 79% of participants that they surveyed preferred to date someone who is a “revealer.” A “revealer” is someone who is willing to reveal even the embarrassing information. This probably tells your date that you are genuine and honest enough to admit your faults.

2. Ask A Female Friend

Sometimes, all it takes a friend’s advice to become successful at dating. But, why female friends and not male ones? A small survey revealed that its female participants are more successful at predicting whether the relationship will last or not. It’s safe to say that these females can also give you advice on how you make the relationship happen and last.

3. Go On A Coffee Date

For sure, there are plenty of nice restaurants in your area for you to take your date to, but a good idea would be to start your date off with coffee. Why coffee? First, no, it’s not an appetiser. A Yale psychologist by the name of John Bargh conducted some studies that reveal a connection between body temperature and personality. He discovered that when we feel warm, we have the tendency to behave warmly to others. Thus, the coffee or you can go for anything that’s warm like soup.

The ways of how to make her fall for you on this list may sound strange, but who can argue with science and research? If you apply any of the tips on this list, be sure to tell us whether it worked for you or not. Leave your comments below and don’t forget to check out more of our posts on the blog. Make sure to visit AnastasiaDate too.