When Should Online Daters Have The Relationship Talk

The “relationship talk” is very important for would-be couples, especially when they’ve been going out for a while. Everyone wants to progress in a new online relationship – take the next step. But, nobody wants to assume that the other person concerned is ready for it. Sometimes, even just the thought of having the relationship talk is scary in itself. So how should we go about it? When exactly is the right time to have the talk?

Tips For Online Daters On When To Have The Relationship Talk | Anastasia Date

Having The Relationship Talk Is All About Creating The Right Time

Having the talk is especially hard when you and your potential partner have been dating online. You can’t really gauge how the other person feels because you only have your chats or phone calls to go by. So, instead of waiting for the perfect time, you’d have to create the perfect time with these tips:

1. Plan a date.

Definitely, you’d need to meet if you haven’t yet. You need to plan a date, but it shouldn’t be your usual date online. There will be nerves so it is best that you are both relaxed. Allot time for it, too, because you cannot talk about something so important and deep while you are rushing to your next appointment. Remember, this is the groundwork of your relationship.

2. Talk face to face.

When you are talking face to face, you get to see the reactions and body language first-hand. Also, you will know that you have your partner’s full attention or not. This might sound like it can be done via video chat, but talking face to face is really essential to set the foundation for your relationship.

3. Set your expectations before the talk.

If you are initiating the talk, make sure that you have set your priorities and expectations beforehand. Rehearse scenarios, like if your partner says this or that. It will help you to think and respond quickly to the coming conversation. You can also better lay out the terms of the relationship if you need to make big moves such as moving from this country to that.

4. If there is reluctance from your partner, find out about it.

Sometimes, your partner will not be open to pursuing a long-term relationship with you. If you sense some reluctance, then find out why. It might be something that you two can work on. Or maybe, your partner is just not ready to move further in.

Having that relationship talk can be a big risk on your part. It can go many ways. But, it is fair for both parties to know the status of the relationship, if there is a future or not. It’s better to get heartbroken early than to spend so many years together, only to realize that you are not meant to be together. For more tips on dating, check out the rest of our blog.