When Is It The Right Time To Change Your Relationship Status?

Whenever we get involved with someone new, we eventually ask ourselves “Should I change my relationship status on social media? When is it the right time to do that?” It’s a question that everyone’s asking because social media seems to have been placed at the core of society. For some it’s not that important, but to most, it’s something that’s paramount. Hence, the question of whether it’s appropriate or not  to let the whole world know of your new relationship status arises.

When Is It The Right Time To Change Your Relationship Status? | Anastasia Date

The Answer To The “Change My Relationship Status” Question

The best answer to this is will depend on what the situation is. The first likely situation is that the girl you’re dating is asking you to change your status on social media to see if you are truly invested in the relationship. The second likely situation is that you feel the need to do so.

If we’re talking about the first scenario, it’s important for both you and your partner to understand where each one is coming from. If your lady is asking you to change your status and you’re not comfortable with it (for a valid reason), it’s something that both of you need to talk about. You have to reach a common ground.

If the second situation applies to you better, you have to make sure that your lady is comfortable with your decision. Again, you have to meet halfway and come up with a decision that’s best for your relationship.

Social Media Adds Pressure To New Relationships

Whatever decision you come up with, you need to remember that social media, if it’s that important to both of you, can be a cause for friction. Maintaining your new relationship and posting it online may prove too much. However, if you’re the type of couple who doesn’t really mind what other people say, you can merely change your relationship status and then focus on the relationship itself.

So, have you thought about what the answer is to your “Change My Relationship Status” conundrum? Think about what it will mean to you, as a couple. And, think about what effects it will have on your relationship. For more relationship advice, check out other posts on our blog.