This Is How Online Dating Is Changing Our Society

We always say it on our blog, online dating has changed the way we meet people. It has made things easier for us, and, definitely, it has made it so that we have more than two options. To most of us, especially those who have been online dating for a while, these effects are expected. However, we need to see the bigger picture. The way we date today has had a greater impact in changing our society.

This Is How Online Dating Is Changing A Society | Anastasia Date

Changing Our Society Through Online Dating

The impact may not be that obvious but a new research confirms that online dating has actually had the following effects on society:

  • Better stability of marriage
  • Increase in interracial dating or marriage

The study was done by Josue Ortega from the University of Essex and Philipp Hergovich from the University of Vienna. In their study, they seem to point at online dating as the main reason why interracial marriages have become commonplace. The researchers did admit that the numbers they crunched up are inconclusive but they believed that online dating plays a great role in this.

Way back, on our pre-internet dating days, we used to meet our dates through friends and family. The researchers said that the people we are introduced to are in the same circle as us. Compare it to dating through the internet today. You can reach people in other countries. You can even easily find, let’s say, European ladies or Asian ladies in your city if you preferred. These are the options that have been given to us.

Changing Our Society With Stable Marriages

Another change that online dating has seemed to initiate is in the aspect of marriage stability. The same study hinted that the couples who have met online are stronger or are less likely to breakup. More specifically, they were talking about couples who were already married.

So, this proves it – online dating is not bad at all. Sure, it may have negative effects, but the positive impact it has on society should make it 100% OK for couples to tell the world that they have met online. For more new on dating or tips of relationships, check out more of our blog.