The Most Cruel Online Dating Trend This Year

This just in – another online dating trend has been named. It’s possibly the most cruel among the trends that we have already talked about. It is called “pigging”. Both ladies and gentlemen have to be on their guard so they don’t experience the trend themselves.

The Newest Yet Most Cruel Online Dating Trend This Year | Anastasia Date

The Basics Of The Online Dating Trend, Pigging

The surprising thing is that this online dating trend has been around since 2014. The earliest citation was when Big Brother contestant Josie Cunningham tried to launch a dating site called ‘Pull the Pig’, specifically targeting ‘average-looking women’.

To describe the phenomenon, think about it as a game. Pigging happens when a man makes a bet with his friends, trying to make an unattractive or ok-looking woman fall for him. When the woman has finally fallen, the man will then reveal his dark intention and just leave the relationship behind. In other cases, the bet is not revealed, leaving the woman high and dry without any word.

A, seemingly, real relationship takes place, and that’s why it is the most cruel trend to date. The reason behind doing such a thing is simply because the man and his group of friends think it is funny.

Can You Avoid Pigging?

With the question of whether it’s possible to avoid such a trend, the answer is yes. The best way to do is to take your time, don’t rush into a relationship yet. Whether you are online dating or offline dating, it’s important for you to get to know the person you like.

Another way that you can avoid being pigged is if you work on yourself, to become more confident. By doing this, you become more aware, spotting red flags with ease. And, warding away those who prey on the innocent and naive.

This is such a cruel prank to pull, but its important that we talk about it so that everyone is informed. The male gender can also be victims of this trend so everyone should know about this. Help us spread the word, will you?

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