Artificial Intelligence Apparently Predicts Relationship Outcomes Now

Have you noticed that AIs are becoming more common these days? AI stands for artificial intelligence. You don’t know this yet but, AI technology may be in your phone, car, or even your toaster. What’s even more amazing is that AIs can predict relationship outcomes using the tone of one’s voice.

Can Artificial Intelligence Predict Relationship Outcomes? | Anastasia Date

Predicting Relationship Outcomes With Algorithm

A new research that was published in the PLOS-ONE analyzed the vocal characteristics of couples. The research involved approximately 134 couples going through therapy. Those who handled the research used computers to gather data from recordings of the therapy sessions. These recordings were within a span of two years, and the pitch, variation of pitch, as well as intonation were all analyzed.

Through a carefully developed machine-algorithm (the AI, in short), the relationship outcomes of the couples were predicted. To have a measurement of comparison, the researchers, then, gave the same data to experts who used the usual psychological assessments to predict how the relationship is going to end up.

Surprising Results

The way that the machine was programmed was very complicated as it analyzed the interplay of the conversation between the couples in the group. It took note of who spoke when, voice sounds, how long each person in the relationship was speaking, and so on.

When the results came in, the experts were able to predict the relationship outcomes of the couples with a 75% accuracy. The AI, on the other hand, predicted the outcome with a staggering 79% accuracy.

What Do These Results Tell Us?

So what do all of these mean? There are two things that we need to remember:

  1. Technology is getting more advanced. There’s no doubt about that.
  2. More importantly, we should remember that the way we speak, or better yet, the way we communicate, has implications that relate to our relationship.

For couples, the results are an eye-opener. The way we communicate within the relationship can affect the outcome of our union. It’s best to work on how to communicate effectively to have a better partnership with our significant others. For more tips for couples, check out the rest of our blog.