AnastasiaDate: Women Describe Strangest Ways Men Asked Them Out

Think you’ve heard it all and nothing can surprise you anymore as regards dating? Think again, as AnastasiaDate presents the weirdest places where some ladies were asked out on a date.

AnastasiaDate features stories from ladies who were asked out in stange places.
Is there a place where asking a girl out is out-of-bounds?

AnastasiaDate: Men, Why Do You Even Think Of This?

Sometimes being unconventional and creative is good, while other times it can prove to be a total disaster. There’s a fine line between being impressively imaginative and being downright inappropriate. We will let you decide which category these guys fall into.


A girl was coming out of her therapist’s office when she ran into this guy who was waiting for his session to start next. The therapist had to step out of the office for a few minutes, so the guy grabbed the chance to strike up a conversation with the girl. A few minutes later, he had asked her out on a date. They have been happily dating for 2 years, but the therapist had to lose one of her 2 patients.


There are ‘those’ days of the month where ladies are found in that special supermarket aisle men never go to intentionally. A guy who was clearly lost in the market bumped into a girl who was picking up her tampons and birth control, accidentally knocked them out of her hands and, as he was picking the fallen articles from the floor, asked her out on a date. She kindly declined and went on with her shopping.


A third lady talked about this guy who thought it was a good idea to hit on her right after she had fainted. It was after a tough workout session at the gym, on a hot day, that she went out running and lost her senses. The gym instructor helped her come to, and when he left a guy who was working out with her grabbed the chance to ask her out. Needless to say, it didn’t work out (pun intended).


The mother of all weird dating proposals is probably the one that took place at a funeral. This girl’s friend’s grandmother had passed away and she was at the funeral when a guy who was standing next to her started flirting with her. After a short conversation, he asked for her number. She gave him it and as it turned out, he was the friend’s cousin, but because he was coming straight for a breakup the girl decided against going out with him in the end.


The last of the strange dating proposal stories is of a girl who started chatting with a guy over Instagram after he spent some time liking her pics and he DMed her. They chatted for some time, then went out on a coffee date and ended up dating for a few months. It didn’t last, but the girl never regretted meeting him.

At AnastasiaDate, we are true romantics who wouldn’t rule out the possibility to find love anywhere. We believe there are no physical boundaries keeping people away from each other, but we also think there’s a right way and a wrong way to approach a lady.

*This article was inspired by “6 Women Reveal the Weirdest Ways They’ve Been Asked Out” that originally appeared on Women’s Health.