A Perfect Date Idea You Wouldn’t Even Think Of

You may be wondering how going for a coffee or breakfast is better than going on a romantic candle-lit dinner, but if you take a moment to think about the actual purpose of a first date, especially in an age where online dating is the most probable way to meet someone, you will realize why this is actually the perfect date idea.

A coffee date can be the perfect date idea for a number of reasons.
Enjoy your coffee date and make it last for as long as you like.

Why Grabbing A Coffee Is the Perfect Date Idea

Let’s move on to the specifics. There is a multitude of reasons why it makes perfect sense to meet up for coffee on a first date. Here are the most important among them.

It’s the ideal place to talk. Think about it. There are no trays of food coming and going, and there is very little in between you – just a cup of coffee and a small table. What else is there to do? You will have to talk. And that’s how you will get to know each other. Which is what a first date is all about, isn’t it?

It’s far less formal and far more comfortable. Sure, it isn’t the most romantic of settings, but you are both free to be who you are. No waiters to be super formal to and no reasons to dress up – just casual dressing and broad daylight. There is no way she can hide. And neither can you. In a way, this is absolutely liberating, like honesty and truth tend to be.

You Can’t Get Drunk. Even though drinking moderately can be fun, the stress of a date can often lead to excess. Thankfully, there is no chance of you getting drunk in a café, so this is your problem solved there.

It can be as short or long a date as you like. The best thing about a coffee date is that if you hate it, you can cut your losses and make it short without being impolite. If you love it, on the other hand, you can continue to slowly sip your beverage, or even continue your date somewhere else. The fact a coffee date is earlier than a dinner date gives you the freedom to spend even more time together if you hit it off instantly.

With so little time to spend on dinner dates that may not even be worth their salt, coffee dates are the perfect date idea that is sure to catch on as soon as people realize the many benefits they have. Give them a try.

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