Are You Suffering From FOBU? Recognize The Signs

With all these trendy acronyms around these days, you’d be forgiven for struggling to keep up. First, there was YOLO for You Only Live Once. Then came FOMO for Fear Of Missing Out and now there’s FOBU, the Fear Of Breaking Up. But what exactly is it? And, more importantly, how will you know if you’re suffering from FOBU?

Read about the signs and recognize if you are suffering from FOBU.
Is FOBU a good enough reason to stay in an unhappy relationship?

Find Out If You’re Suffering From FOBU

First things first – to be able to diagnose it, you need to understand what FOBU is. As the name suggests, we are talking about a very strong feeling of hesitation that you have when it comes to ending a relationship that is no longer fulfilling. Now we’ve defined FOBU, let’s have a look at its symptoms.

  • One of the most prominent symptoms is that she irritates you, yet you don’t say anything because you’re afraid she will leave you. Now, we aren’t talking about a little bit of irritation. We mean full-blown irritation that makes it unbearable to be with her sometimes. If you’d rather torture yourself like this than talk about it with her in case she breaks up with you, there must surely be something wrong.
  • You’d rather die than attend a social gathering alone. From weddings to Christmas dinners, you need her by your side. If you dread the idea of braving any social gathering alone, it could be that you’re using her as a social shield and avoid breaking up lest you are made to do these things alone.
  • There is constant bickering. Even though we’ve talked about arguments in the relationship before, and even explained how they can be beneficial for a couple’s communication, there is a limit. If you argue and nag about every little thing every single day, it may be that you are simply tired of the relationship and deeply unhappy in it.
  • You’ve already played the breakup scenario in your head a thousand times. Do you fantasize about ending it all? Do you sometimes play that liberating speech in your head as she is speaking to you? Think about the reasons why you haven’t made the next step. Could it be just because you’re suffering from FOBU?

Conventional wisdom says you need to pick your battles and not waste your energy without reason. So, while there is nothing wrong with wanting to fight for a relationship on which your heart is dedicated, it’s no use staying in one simply because of FOBU.  Even though the prospect of being alone might seem scary, a lifetime of unhappiness is way worse.

We hope you are not suffering from FOBU. We like people to be happy. If you want to read more articles with advice on dating and relationships, you can continue reading here, of visit our blog. If you’re single and looking for The One, why not visit AnastasiaDate today.