Can Being In Love Be The Cause Of Your Bad Decisions?

Anyone who’s ever been in love will be familiar with the changes it brings about in our mood and demeanor. So much so, that sometimes people around us find it hard to recognize us. How does being in love cloud our judgment and affect our decisions, though?

Being in love can change our demeanor and affect our decisions.
Being in love clouds our judgment in a number of ways, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

The Chemistry Involved in Being in Love

Science has found that there are quite a few potent chemicals released in our bodies when we fall in love. So, all the sweating and heart racing and butterflies in the stomach actually have a scientific explanation.

In just a few words, being in love can feel like being drunk or under the influence of drugs because strong chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, testosterone and estrogen are released in our bodies and play havoc with our minds.

What Happens To Our Judgement?

We desperately try to impress. When we are in the company of our object of desire, we may feel the need to impress her. This frequently makes us take unnecessary, even foolish, risks and do things we would not do had it not been for our ardent desire to win her admiration.

We find as many ways to relate to them as we can come up with. Even when they are very trivial or not even there, we will still try to draw parallels so as to feel like our relationship with her is karmic and meant-to-be. Does she also like chocolate ice-cream? Is rock music her favorite kind of music too? Is she too a fan of Danish cinema? Surely, these are god-sent signs you should be together.

We neglect every red sign there is. Often when our relationships are over (or near the end), we think about our ex-partner’s most annoying characteristics and wonder how it totally escaped us all this time. That’s because being in love means being partly blind. We are so desperate to be with her that we may even go so far as to interpret a clear red sign as a positive thing. Playing up the things that unite us – as mentioned above – automatically means playing down the ones that divide us too.

We copy our other half’s bad habits. From the tendency to spend a lot, to even simpler things, like watching too much TV, we tend to imitate our partner’s habits, mainly without even realizing it. This may be because we admire them so much that anything they do seems great, or just that our way of life changes a little to adapt to theirs.

Can We Do Anything About it?

To be realistic, not much can be done. Being is love is a very strong experience that tends to sweep us off our feet. Perhaps trying to resist it will detract from the excitement, but a good idea is to recognize what is happening to us and make a bit of effort to mitigate its effects as much as possible. In any case, being in love may lead to some bad decisions, but most of us wouldn’t trade the feeling for anything in the world.

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