How To Restore Your Trust In People And Find Love

As we grow older, our trust in people tends to wane, to the extent that some of us even run the risk of becoming bitter, or even cynical. This, however, is no way to lead your life. So, how do you go about restoring your trust in people in order to be able to find love and tranquility?

To find love, we need to be able to open our hearts again and trust others.
Hard as it may be, we’ll only be able to find love if we learn to trust again.

Why Trusting People Again Will Help You Find Love

If you look around you, you will find there is literally no one out there who hasn’t had their heart broken and their trust betrayed. If, however, we shut down after a person took advantage of our trust, we’d be doomed to never find love again.

One of the worst side-effects of being betrayed is that we don’t trust our own selves anymore. Once we realize that we made a mistake in trusting a certain person with our emotions, we fear that it will keep happening to us and we will get hurt again because we lack the ability to judge who we should and shouldn’t put our trust in.

Another side-effect of having our trust breached is that we might victimize ourselves and become unable to see the good in people, making generalizations that are often unfair.

How To Trust Again

Being able to trust means being able to believe in others. Think about the people in your life that have stood by you in times of need. Think of your best friends and how you’d never have the real friendship you have if you had never trusted them. The same thing is true of partners. Unless you are willing to open your heart, people will not be able to enter.

This is not to say you should be gullible and give your heart to the first person you meet. Far from it. It would be ill-advised to ask anyone to trust people they hardly know with their deepest secrets. However, trust is something you build gradually. First, you will trust your partner to call you when she said she would. Then, you’ll trust her to turn up on your date. Slowly, you will start trusting her with small details about your life. Little by little, you will find out whether she is worthy of your trust and start building on your relationship.

No Guarantees, But Worth It

Accept the fact that when it comes to people, there are no guarantees. When you open your heart, you immediately become vulnerable. But building walls around you is a sure-fire way to unhappiness. Make the choice. Are you willing to trust and risk getting hurt, or are you willing to spend the rest of your life wallowing in self-pity and bitterness? You know it’s an easy question to answer because deep down you know you are destined to find love.

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