These Are Common Couple Problems No One Ever Talks About

Even though we imagine life becoming infinitely better once we find our significant other (it does), what we fail to notice is how may common couple problems there are all around us. Why do we rarely hear about them? Well, mainly because nobody likes their relationship to be thought of in a less-than-flattering light.

The most common couple problems revealed.

The Most Common Couple Problems These Days

The fact that hardly anyone speaks of them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. So, if you expect any kind of relationship that is problem-free, we’re sorry to burst your bubble. Every single couple you know will probably be facing one of the following issues:

Communication Breakdown

He says one thing, she understands another and no one has the time or inclination to clarify things. Then, both are left with the wrong impression and they carry on thinking they know what their partner is all about, until the day it all comes out in the open and they have to seriously get down to some serious talking.

No Time For Sex

The king of common couple problems that’s such a taboo you won’t hear anyone talking about it is how often they go without sex. However, a short spell without physical contact is not such a big deal, as our way of life may cause it to take a back seat for a while. For longer periods of time though, a sexless relationship may be a sign of deeper issues.

Lack of Money

The credit crunch has changed the way we live, and it’s a very real and practical problem for many couples. Not being able to afford their bills, let alone a small getaway; is a very serious problem couples are faced with today.

Different Life and Relationship Goals

A relationship that has been around for some time is often found at a crossroads. As with all things, relationships also need to evolve. But what happens when one partner is ready to make the next step and cohabitate/ get married/ have a baby and the other isn’t? This is one of the biggest couple dilemmas and it often leads to a relationship’s dissolution.

So, next time you feel that it’s only your relationship facing problems or next time you wonder about your couple friends’ frown as they sit silently opposite you in a café, bear in mind these common couple problems they could be facing and spare a thought for them.