What Does No Drama Mean On Her Dating Profile?

Sometimes the most dangerous statements are the most implicit ones, the most open to different interpretations. A case in point is a phrase we see every now and then in people’s profiles, on different variations: No Drama.

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Understanding What No Drama Means

On the face of it, saying you want no drama is an absolutely understandable thing. Who wants more drama in their lives, right? We are all so preoccupied with our own load and stress of making it through every day; we’d hardly be looking for more problems and emotional burden.

If you think about it a little more, though, what does it really mean when someone warns you they don’t need to hear about your own troubles and pains? When you write on your dating profile you want no drama, are you practically saying you are looking for a problems-free partner? Or are you saying that you want a person who will not share their pains and worries with you?

And, is the no-drama rule about your past or existing dramas or does it also apply to new complaints you might have? Could a no drama rule mean you need to shut up about anything bothering you in a future relationship with them too?

Also, is that request not a way to keep a possible relationship superficial? How can you efficiently bond with someone if you are not allowed to share the experiences that have shaped you with them? And how can you be yourself around someone if you constantly feel you need to keep secrets and be walking on eggshells?

Clearing The Air

The funny thing about people who say they want no drama in their lives is that they are often the kind of people who are knees deep in it. They are often simply projecting their own emotional state and find it hard to deal with more of that.

Also, they are people who refuse to take responsibility for the hurt or problems they cause, thinking they are entitled to going through life unbothered, in a way that is convenient for them but completely disrespectful of other people’s feelings.

To Cut A Long Story Short

So, if you see a lady’s profile that features the infamous “no drama” line, perhaps it’s a good idea to ask her what exactly she means by it.

We’re not advocating drama queens who love to dwell on their negative thoughts and experiences; absolutely not. But there’s a fine line between wanting to be positive and being superficial, selfish and rude. This is why a no drama line on a dating profile may, indeed, be a red flag that should not go unnoticed.