Relationships Today: Why Modern Dating Is Like A Game

Think of your favorite games as a child. Didn’t you love hide and seek? We all loved hide and seek. In fact, it seems like we loved this game so much that we have decided to keep playing it for all our dating lives. Nowadays, there are so many opportunities out there that modern dating feels more and more like a game of hide and seek.

Why modern dating is like a game of hide and see/

Modern Dating Can Be A Pain

As with most things in life, dating is a matter of choice and perspective. You can either feel like you can’t play the game, or you can make new rules for yourself.

There’s no doubt that most people will try to hide their true colors. They will make dating profiles that tell others what they think they want to hear. They will go on dates where they will pretend to be someone else, they’ll just play a role of who they think they should be and hide their self behind this role.

They may also hide their feelings. Would you tell someone you like them if you weren’t sure they like you too? Would you tell them you are finding their conversational skills abysmal and boring?

On the other hand, though, how would you feel if you met someone and they immediately went over their bad qualities, stressed their weaknesses and flaws and asked you to do the same? How comfortable would you be hearing mid-dinner that what you are saying is boring someone to sleep?

Modern Dating Can Be Fun

Maybe, then, keeping up appearances is not such a bad thing. As long as you don’t lie about yourself, it’s not that bad focusing on what you love about you and projecting what you believe is your saving grace.

As long as you don’t lead others on, there is no harm is being polite and not sharing any bad thoughts with a date gone awry. Avoiding hurt is not a bad thing, what’s the use of making someone feel bad?

Trying to discover each other is part of dating. And it’s probably the most fun part of it, for that matter, so why spoil it?

Yes, modern dating is like a game. But games can be fun and entertaining and life-affirming, so why ruin it for yourself?

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