One Lie That Can Ruin A Potential Offline Date

Whenever we meet someone we like online, one of the goals we aim for is to have an offline date with this person. This is just the start as the bigger goal is to be with this person fully, of course. However, your goals might just falter because of one little lie which most of us tell on our online dating profiles.

One Lie That Can Ruin A Potential Offline Date | Anastasia Date

The Lie That Will Ruin Your Chances For An Offline Date

In most cases, dating experts will tell you to be truthful on your dating profile. But, most of us don’t listen. We lie about our age, our height, our achievements, and even our location. Age, height and achievements might just be forgivable offenses depending on the severity of your lie under these categories. But when it comes to location, this might be a deal breaker.

Never Lie About Where You Are Living

Have you ever experienced hitting it off with a person online? After a few days of chatting, both of you have expressed really good impressions about the other. You have already exchanged numbers and an offline date is seemingly inevitable.

Because you don’t want this connection to fade away, you change your location to where your online date is, and you pretend to be living in the same country. It doesn’t seem like there’s much harm in doing that, but here’s why this offense is unforgivable:

  • The other person might be looking forward to your offline date. If you tell this person that your first date won’t be possible (because of distance), it simply means that other offline dates won’t be possible as well. It is going to break the person’s heart.
  • Distance and love don’t mix for most people. Simply put, long-distance relationships scare most people off no matter how special the connection is online.

So what do you do if distance might be the main factor of your falling apart with the person you really want to meet? Don’t lie, first of all. Then, secondly, if this person cannot deal with the distance, it’s best to move on to something better. Don’t force or manipulate the situation.  If the other person feels that you are as special, distance will never be an obstacle. For more dating tips, see other posts on our blog.