Dating Compliments Every Woman Will Love

Is it true that a lot of men find it hard to deliver good dating compliments? If yes, the most likely reason behind this might be because men are intimidated or nervous while sitting across the table from a lovely lady. Does this sound like you? Then, this is a guide that you need to finish reading.

Dating Compliments Every Woman Will Love | Anastasia Date

Dating Compliments You Should Bring With You To A Date

Know that every woman likes dating compliments. It shows women that you are paying attention. The catch is that your compliments need to be sincere and heartfelt. You can’t just blurt out whatever nice words that come into your thoughts. For you to be aware of the kinds of dating compliments that women love hearing, check this list out:

1. “You’re too funny!”

Commonly, men don’t really view women as funny. It’s strange because there are plenty of comedians and actresses that are hilarious. Despite this, men feel that they need to be the funny one during the date. If you feel good when women compliment your humor, why is it any different for women?

2. “I learned a lot tonight.”

It feels good to know that you’ve brought valuable information to the table. It’s especially good for women to know this because it’s like complimenting a woman’s intellect without saying it directly.

3. “You’re not like everyone else.”

Complimenting a woman’s individuality makes her feel really special. It’s acknowledging that you view her personality and quirks as admirable. Basically, it’s going to be a confidence boost for your date.

4. “You look nice.”

Never forget to compliment a woman’s appearance. She might have spent a few hours on it. Be sure to know that she did not make herself up or put on make up specifically for you, but it would be nice for her to know that all her efforts are appreciated.

Women will appreciate all of these dating compliments but remember that when you give them out, they have to be true and sincere. Try one out and let us know how it went. For more tips on how to date the right way, read other posts on the blog.